BEAUTE BUNDLEZ Mink hair is 100% Virgin, very soft and extremely luxurious with a lot of natural shine and body. It has a luster of low to medium. It is currently among the most sought after texture in the market at the moment. It is popular with a large population due to its durability, density and softness. Our closures blend effortlessly and look extremely natural giving the appearance of the hair actually growing from your scalp! Each individual hair has been hand tied to a lace base material that allows you to part the hair however you desire. No glue or adhesives needed to apply makes for a more natural and healthy install. Closures are available in lengths 10 to 20”and are a perfect size ranging from 2x6" to 7x7". Like all of our hair our closures are good for repeated use.


Note: Closure knots do not come bleached.


Number of Bundles needed for a full head:14”-18” 3 bundles | 20”-26” 4 bundles | 28” and above 5 bundles.


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