I Colored My Hair Extensions Now What!?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We all love a little color right, I mean who doesn't! Coloring your hair extensions or even your wig can get a little tricky if you do not know where to start. Some may use bleach a highly concentrated powder that lightens the hair by penetrating the cuticle or some prefer the easy way which is box color. Did you know that using bleach on hair extensions can be damaging if not properly used. Check out our video(s) on how to properly bleach your hair extensions. If you would like color added to your wig or bundles we are here to help you.

What kind of bleach do I use?

When it comes to the type of bleach to use on your hair extensions there is no right or wrong brand, its your choice! Its recommended to seek a professional licensed stylist if you are unsure on the process. Bleach is mixed in a 2:1 ratio using 2oz of developer to every 1 scoop of bleach. Wait! Is this your first time using bleach!? Starting off with a lower developer i.e. 10 Volume or 20 Volume is best as you take your time bleaching the hair it processes much slower than a higher volume developer. But wait I saw others using a 40 volume developer because it processes faster. Why this is true first time users should not use this high volume developer to avoid over processing the hair and causing irreversible damage.

Can I Change the Color of my Hair Extensions?

Yes! You are able to add any color of the rainbow that you like to your wig or bundles. You have a choice of using bleach or a developer with your color of choice after all its your hair! Don't be afraid to live outside the box in a world full of close minded people. Color can not only make the hair look more vibrant but it can also brighten up your day. Take a look at some of the colors below.


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