Our Fab Story

BEAUTE BUNDLEZ was founded in 2018. After many doors that were closed for me hair has always been something that made me smile. Its something about the way that it can be manipulated in a good way to produce awesome after images. Coming from corporate America now an entrepreneur, I found that being able to make others happy is my purpose here on earth through my gifts. 


Here at Beaute Bundlez we specialize in providing great quality virgin hair. Our hair undergoes a rigorous process to make sure that the can can withstand the test of time! After all this is an investment therefore the products that we provide will leave you satisfied. We realize that there are many other companies that can provide cheaper hair however, the question remains How long will it last? Not only do we provide great quality hair but we also install and color the hair as well. The idea of Beaute Bundlez came about from my main company Mesmerized Beauty, which is a full on hair salon. To keep everything cohesive I decided to branch the hair off as its own brand. What makes us different you ask!? Well we not only focus on the quality of the hair we also focus on the way the customer feels with the hair. It's nothing like having great hair to go with a Beauteful face!

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